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Our Services

Construction Management

Under a construction management contract, Prodigy works hand in hand with the owner, architect, engineers and property managers through the entire process to ensure that potential problems are avoided and value is maximized. Some benefits of a construction management contract include: identifying and implementing cost saving strategies, identifying potential issues and resolving them prior to the construction phase, minimizing the owner’s risk, and assuring quality and proficiency of the trades’ performance.

General Contracting

As a Class “A” General Contractor, we hold all trade contracts and assume ownership and accountability to minimize risk to the owner. Prodigy’s team of experienced Project Managers and on-site Project Coordinators ensures that your project will be planned and executed seamlessly.Our long standing relationships with some of the best subcontractors in the Tampa Bay and Miami areas allows us to provide competitive bids without sacrificing quality. With our variety of resources, we can deliver budget conscious projects on an aggressive schedule.

Value Engineering

With over 25 years in the industry, our team has the knowledge and experience to identify and implement more efficient strategies that reduce costs and improve functionality. Whether material, equipment, design or process related, Prodigy will evaluate the program requirements and identify ways to optimize value.


By combining the design development, permit and construction schedules into a single entity, Prodigy can streamline a project and avoid potential increases while completing and delivering the project as a turn key product. The collaborative process of a design-build project has many benefits, some of which include: enhanced communication, increased accountability by the contractor, and more flexibility and input from the owner.